Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep on Truckin':

Hi again,

Its been a pretty good week for the Ice Cream Truck. Did a lot of thinking about its interior and the character of the actual Ice Cream Man. Lots of painting done and even a bit of assembly.

Impostor Pokemon. I like the idea of some D.I.Y salesman catching on to some fragment of pop culture, to which he is normally cut off from, and applying it to his sale's pitch having no concept of copyright etc. Here the Ice Cream Man attempted to recreate a popular children's icon from memory, having perhaps only seen it once.

My studio has exploded into the aisle and a neighboring space. The cab shown here is in need of some cosmetic work and fine tuning but I zipped it together real quick to see what it was going to do as a three dimensional piece.

I'm not quite at liberty to talk about the surprise that will accompany this piece to the gallery. For now, its a clown chimp on a toilet seat.

Over break people have been away so I've received little feed-back. If your out there, dont hesitate to share your thoughts.