Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up and Running:

Hello all,

Welcome to "Ice Cream Man." This blog will serve as a diary for the work I do towards my thesis. My main goal is to have constructed a life-size ice cream truck for my illustration show in April. From now until then I will be keeping up with weekly entries that will mark my progress or cast some light on my interests and inspirations relevant to the project.

Right now my thesis (which I will be posting next,) makes no mention of any ice cream truck, but as a first draft, it merely creates a picture of my raw aesthetic interests and alludes to my contextual motives concerning gallery illustration. It mainly serves as a jump-off point rather than a contract or outline for my semester. The idea is for the April show to be more of an engaging event than a passive gathering.

I hope you enjoy seeing my process throughout, and that my insights and ventures prove to be at least entertaining.


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