Monday, February 21, 2011

Interests and Inspirations:

It has been a treacherous time as far as art-making goes for the past few days. Coming out of the gate with all the pent energy I started with has dwindled a bit and I think I needed to look back on what has inspired me to take on the Truck.

I think what I will do is post some links and photos of some artists, events and miscellany that get me excited to do my own work.

We all need a boost.

Swimming Cities of Serenissima - I just found out about this. Designed by the artist known as SWOON. A group of very lucky artist turned maritime adventurers.

J.R. Goldberg - I think Corinne originally sent me this website and I thank her again. A somewhat familiar style with that extra bit that sets it apart.

Jon Contino - Hand-Letterer and Illustrator out of New York

Wayne Thiebaud
- The Man

Brian Rea - Very excited about his lettering and design work when it collides with tangible objects.

And some more stuff:

That will do for now. Thanks to my local Borders for their 20% to 40% off closing sale. Made off with some good material.


1 comment:

  1. Great links!! I love Goldberg...I hadn't seen her stuff before! Very cool.

    And the crew of the Swimming Cities looks like a group of circus folk. Funny, that distinctive look belonging to people attracted to adventure and danger and art.

    I've been stuck with my thesis, too. It's a weird lull, I suppose. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm gonna go back to my roots now and figure out what I'm doing, too. :)