Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its Real:

BARGAIN HUNTER:$3 at Lowes for a junked piece of whatever this is. (Originally $20.) It will serve as the roof of the truck.

Today marked the beginning of construction for the Ice Cream Truck. Its awful cold in a February garage, but armed with some yellow gloves, a variety of power tools, and an almost willing little sister, things went pretty fast. So far it measures roughly 8 by 10 feet on one side and I am almost done building the front of the cab and the rear which will each be 4 feet wide. I also have a FREE PIECE OF PLYWOOD lined up to serve as the driver's side of the truck.

I plan on slapping a coat of primer on tonight to the background stylings of a Star Wars DVD. I feel much better now that this is underway.

I just need a method of assembling and disassembling it easily... Then I will feel better.



  1. so then i can assume that this is up in maine somewhere... i guess i would suggest hinges... lots of hinges. but that makes it almost more harder than it should be. latches for each section of the walls maybe.

    I'm wondering if it's tall enough... will there be a ceiling?

    good stuff either way.

  2. it will be on blocks that will make it taller. the ceiling is that piece i said i was going to make a ceiling out of. 1st picture.

  3. will you be able to stand up in it or is that out of the question?

  4. You are awesomeand totally rock. Love you dude, can't wait to see it come together. How are you old enough to be working on a thesis!!!!